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 - Separated at Birth?
People of faith have been in a losing battle on the separation of church and state issue for decades. Yet, Barry W. Lynn, executive director of Americans United for Separation of Church and State, maintains that "we're just one or two votes away on the Supreme Court from a radical redefinition of what church-state separation means." See our special focus.

 - One Way?
Remember the "One Way" patches on bell-bottom jeans in the "Jesus freak" days of the 1970s, featuring a finger pointing heavenward? Can one religion's truth claims legitimately trump those of other religions? Was "One Way" just a quaint sentiment or do the exclusivistic claims of Christianity deserve a careful examination? No time like the Easter season to do just that through our special focus.

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 - Probe Ministries
Founded in 1973, Probe Ministries was formed as a ministry that would bridge the frontier between the agonizing questions man asks and the profound answers the Gospel offers.

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