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Margin: Space Between Ourselves and Our Limits
When we reach the limits of our resources and abilities, we are out of margin. Review of a very important book...

 - Church Scandal
Topping the news for weeks: sexual scandal among Catholic clergy. Zeal for both punishment and safeguards are understandable. But the crisis goes well beyond Catholics. We provide a source beyond the media blitz to help discern wisdom and broaden perspectives on this issue in our Special Focus.

 - Faith & Academics
Professors are the "insiders" in the university, seedbed of almost every movement and philosophy in our society. They shape the minds of future leaders and teachers. Yet, the university has been thoroughly secularized. Is there a place for the faith of Christian professors in the university? How does it fit in? See our Special Focus.

Featured Site
 - For Life
Texans for Life Coalition is a non-profit organization that promotes the principle of respect for the constitutional right to life -- through educational programs on abstinence, compassion programs to help those in problem pregnancies, and information-based programs to unite citizens to protect life.

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