The Resurrection: Myth or History?

Every Easter, Christians around the world celebrate the Resur-rection of Christ. But did Jesus really rise from the dead, or was the Resurrection story added later by his followers? A growing number of scholars who are familiar with the evidence, many of whom are not Christians, now concede that something must have happened that first Easter Sunday to cause the disciples to believe Jesus had risen from the dead. In an ABCNews special  on the Resurrection last year, Jewish scholar Daniel Schwartz of Hebrew University, conceded he didn’t know what happened, “but the historical fact is, you’ve got people who were convinced he was resurrected.”

The truth of Christianity rests on the question of whether Jesus’ Resurrection indeed took place. In fact, one way once and for all to demonstrate Christianity is false would be to disprove the Resurrection occurred. The following articles from the LU archives examine the historical evidence for the Resurrection, and conclude that the evidence is strong enough to be rational in believing that the Resurrection did indeed occur.

Feature Article

The Resurrection: Fact or Fiction?
Pat Zuckeran
What is the evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus from the dead? How does one confront the argument of skeptics with regard to this matter? This article considers these issues in a very accessible format.

Additional Articles

The Bodily Resurrection of Jesus
William Lane Craig
The author considers the theological arguments that advocate a non-physical Resurrection of Jesus.

Cruci-fiction and Resuscitation: The Greatest Hoax in the History of Humanity?
Russ Wise
A campus newspaper runs an advertisement claiming that the Resurrection is an elaborate hoax. This author gives a comprehensive response to that ad.

The Historicity of the Empty Tomb of Jesus
William Lane Craig
Is the Resurrection story an embarrassment to Christians? The author considers the historical legitimacy of this event with a scholarly approach.

Evidence for the Resurrection
Josh McDowell
For centuries many of the world's distinguished philosophers have assaulted Christianity as being irrational, superstitious and absurd. Many have chosen simply to ignore the central issue of the resurrection. Others have tried to explain it away through various theories. But the historical evidence just can't be discounted.

Contemporary Scholarship and the Historical Evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus Christ
William Lane Craig
During the last century liberal theology had no use for the historical resurrection of Jesus. Liberal theologians retained the presupposition against the possibility of miracles.

Easter: Myth, Hallucination, or History?
Edwin M. Yamauchi
That the Resurrection of Christ is the core of Christianity can hardly be denied. Whether that conviction is rooted in myth, in hallucination, or in history has often been debated.

The Disciples' Inspection of the Empty Tomb
William Lane Craig
Although all four gospels recount the Resurrection, only two mention the disciples examining the empty tomb. There are scholarly differences on how these accounts in "Luke" and "John" relate. The author considers the merit of each position.

The Guard at the Tomb
William Lane Craig
Only one gospel mentions a guard at the tomb of Jesus. Does this mean that there might not have really been one there?

An Easter Quiz
Dale Taliaferro
Do you know what gospel records which events related to the Passion and Resurrection? Take this Easter Quiz to test your knowledge. It is fun and informative.

Smoke and Mirrors at the Crystal Cathedral
Michael R. Linton
Could there be a Passion Play with a non-Christian message? Examining such a possibility brings us back to the essentials.

Related Articles

Beyond Blind Faith
Paul E. Little
We must scan the horizon of history to see if there is any clue to God's revelation. There is one clear clue. In an obscure village in Palestine, almost 2,000 years ago, a Child was born in a stable. Today the entire world is still celebrating the advent of Jesus. Was He God? Did He rise from the dead?

The Gospels As Historical Sources For Jesus, The Founder Of Christianity
R.T. France
Various writings outside of the New Testament are considered for their historical merit regarding the life of Christ. After sorting through them, we are left with the gospel accounts. How accurate are they? Should they be trusted?

Miracles and Modern Scientific Thought
Norman Geisler
This article explores the subject of miracles by examining the many objections against them by Enlightenment thinkers. Are miracles simply matters of fluke or faith?

The Deity of Christ
Don Closson
Does Jesus claim to be God? Is he God? This article considers these questions by examining the passages from the Bible and other early Christian writings.