Glory to God in the Highest

When Jesus was born to a peasant girl in a farming village over 2000 years ago, only a few shepherds were there to celebrate. A couple of years later magi from the east came to bring him gifts and worship him, but apart from that the welcoming party was outrageously small for a king—the King.

Yet today Christmas is celebrated the world over for an entire month. Could that be because of the substance of the news that the Bible proclaims, or are there other explanations? For many Americans the Christmas story, the Gospel, is the ten ton elephant in the room that they don't know what to do with. We don't want to disown him, yet his life and teaching are so radical that he might seem to only be a last resort for the completely broken. Indeed, his disciples were mostly common people and his followers included many of the poor and the outcasts and the rejects of society, while the elite despised him.

We urge you to give your undivided attention to the Christ of Christmas. Read the gospels, ask, and listen.

Christmas 2008:

The Climax of History
Matt Connally
Why is all of history measured according to the birth of Jesus Christ? Why does the calendar daily remind us how many years it has been since he lived? The author addresses these questions and explains the significance behind the answers.

Additional Articles:

Is Christmas Necessary?
Jerry Solomon
What do you think of when you hear the word "Christmas"? Frantic shopping? Family traditions? A commemoration of the birth of Jesus? Or a combination of all these responses and more?

The Theology Behind Christmas Music
Robert A. Pyne
Most radio stations play some type of Christmas music during the holiday season, but many of the songs have become so familiar to us that we no longer consider their content.

The Beauty of the Trinity
Matt Connally
Christmas celebrates not just the incredible love and peace of the almighty God, but also the amazing revelation of who he is. This article examines the Christian doctrine of the Trinity. .

The Drama of the Christmas Story
Jack L. Walker, Jr.
Is the story of the Nativity very dramatic? Answering this question may move us to a deeper reflection on the life of Christ.

America's Messiah
Michael Linton
The reason for the popularity of Handel's Messiah in America, particularly during the Christmas season, says more about Americans than it does about its famous composer.

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