The first conference of the Christian Academics Network will take place on Saturday 1 December 2001, in Solihull, West Midlands, UK. Lecturers and university staff from across the UK will be meeting together for the first time in an effort to map out the future of the Christian worldview in the academy. This new venture is an initiative of Agape UK (part of Campus Crusade for Christ International) and is being co hosted with Christians in Higher Education (affiliated to the Universities and Colleges Christian Fellowship).

This conference, The Resurrection of the Evangelical Mind, will feature Alister McGrath (University of Oxford) and Walter Bradley (CLM staff) leading us as we consider:

Do Christian lecturers have the right to take their faith on campus and into their disciplines?
What difference do Christian voices on campus make?
What is the appropriate role of Christianity in the university?
What is the role of the individual Christian lecturer?
How can Christian academics attempt to impact students, associates and individual universities for Christ?
This day conference offers lecturers the opportunity to think about these questions and many others, and gain a new vision for the part each individual can play in bringing faith back to the university.

The aims of this conference are:

We want to look to God for wisdom on forging a course ahead - to bring Him back to centre of intellectual life in the UK.

Alister McGrath
Professor of Historical
Theology, Oxford University
Walter Bradley
Previously Professor of
Mechanical Engineering,
Texas A & M University
"The theme of this highly important conference is the strategic role of service to God which professors have. The conference promises to be a time of reflection, challenge and unique fellowship for faculty. I ask you to join us there." Prof McGrath

"We have a gospel to proclaim. We have to proclaim it not merely to individuals in their personal and domestic lives... We have to proclaim it as part of the continuing conversation which shapes public doctrine. It must be heard in the conversation of economics, psychiatrists, educators, scientists, and politicians."
Leslie Newbiggin
Author of 'Truth to Tell: the Gospel as Public Truth', 1991
More info, including travel directions, and a programme of the day etc, can be found on our website.

Or by contacting us at the following address:

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