This year, why is it this year?

The answer is Jesus of Nazareth, whose birth marks the starting point for our calendars. Approximately two thousand years ago this special person was born on our planet.

Why was he special? His coming fulfilled specific biblical predictions made over hundreds of years...including such things as where he would be born,{1} who he would be born to,{2} where he would live,{3} what he would do,{4} and how he would die.{5}

Who could he be? A moral teacher, a prophet, a fraud? Consider this...he claimed to be God!{6} He backed that claim up by the life he lived and the words he spoke.

But why would God do that in the first place? Why would God come to Earth as a man? That's a question we'd love to answer for you. Feel free to ask any one of us about this special person who's changed not only our calendars, but our very lives.

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