Erick Nilson Award and Grant
for Academic Year 2000-2001

The Erick Nilson Achievement Award and Grant is an Award and Grant (U.S.) designed to recognize outstanding Christian leadership and contributions made by university faculty and administrators in the United States and provide a grant to the recipient to further the cause of Christ at the university. The deadline for receiving nominations for the 2000-2001 award and grant, either by email, snail mail or by other electronic means, is Wednesday October 31st, 2001.

Design and Purposes

To honor the memory of Erick Nilson's life and contributions as a Christian professor of Agronomy at Kansas State University, as the faculty advisor to Campus Crusade for Christ from 1966--1989 and as one of the key organizers in forming the Christian Faculty Fellowship at Kansas State University (of which he was first president) in cause of Jesus Christ.

To honor worthy and eligible professors and administrators who likewise contribute to the cause of Jesus Christ through their life and achievements at the university. To provide a maximum grant of $1000.00 per year to furtherance of the cause of Christ at the university. The recipient will receive an engraved plaque that they will keep as a token of appreciation for their outstanding work.

Past Recipients

1990-1991: Susan Gibson, Anatomy, Montana State University

1991-1992: Gary Ferngren, History, Oregon State University

1992-1993: John "Row" Rogacki, Engineering Mechanics, The Air Force Academy

1993-1994: Dennis Lynch, Forestry, Colorado State University

1994-1995: Chris Macosko, Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, University of Minnesota

1995-1996: Jeffrey Russell, History and Religious Studies, University of California at Santa Barbara

1996-1997: Donald Ludwig, Director, Intramural Recreation, University of Southern California.

1997-1998: Dallas Willard, Philosophy, University of Southern California.


To be awarded to a qualified faculty member or administrator in good standing at a four year university located in the United States of America.

Criteria of Selection for the Award and Grant

Necessary Criteria

  1. Demonstration of a consistent walk with Christ, demonstrated by walking in the Spirit with all that that implies. The lifestyle and character which expresses spiritual growth through the grace of God--conformed to the image of Christ.

  2. A lifestyle which exemplifies the stewardship priorities of life: walk with God, commitment to the family, faithful to work responsibilities, and for this award, ministry at the university.

Sufficient Criteria

A significant contribution to the cause of Christ through personal ministry and/or spiritual leadership at the university.

  1. Through leadership or significant contribution to an event, program or concept which WINS fellow faculty, administrators, and/or graduate and undergraduate students to faith in Jesus Christ.

  2. Through leadership or significant contribution to an event, program, or concept which BUILDS fellow faculty, administrators, graduate and undergraduate students in their faith in Christ.

  3. Through leadership or significant contribution to an event, program, or concept which SENDS fellow faculty, administrators, graduate and undergraduate students to the world to WIN people to Christ and/or BUILD them in their faith.

Nomination Form

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Explain Why

Please explain why you feel this person meets the necessary and sufficient criteria for the award selection (be sure to explain, to the best of your ability any unique contribution the person has made to the cause of Christ at the university); it is important to complete this in some detail as your recommendation will be a major factor in the selection process.

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