Christian Scholarship:
 Knowledge, Reality, and Method

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List of Accepted Abstracts

Conference Schedule (Contains revised seminars as of 15 September 1997)

 Current Information

 For a printed brochure (or additional printed brochures) send an email to Jim Cook <>. Be sure to include your name and (snail) mailing address with zip code. Please specify the number of brochures (up to five) you are requesting. For faster registration processing, fill out the web site registration below and send in your conference payment to the specified address. Be sure to read the registration form carefully and fill it out completely.

 We urge all (irrespective of your discipline) to read Alvin Plantinga’s article entitled "Advice to Christian Philosophers," as preparatory to the meetings. See "Advice to Christian Philosophers" in Faith and Philosophy I, 3 (July 1984).

 Invited speakers are listed on a separate page. A listing of accepted abstracts is also available.

General Conference Information

Conference Date October 9-11, 1997
Keynote Speaker Dr. Alvin Plantinga
Dr. Plantinga is Director of the Center for Philosophy of Religion at Notre Dame University where he is also the John A. O’Brien Professor of Philosophy.
General Theme Christian Scholarship
Dr. Plantinga will address this theme on three plenary occasions. The conference will include concurrent sessions of submitted papers (student papers are also welcome). Additionally there will be several other invited speakers who will present papers relevant to their discipline.
Traveling and Housing Information Please Call: Carefree Travel at (800) 444-8899
Conference Site The University Memorial Center in beautiful Boulder, Colorado. Conference rooms, first floor.
  • The University of Colorado Theology Forum (Dr. Ed Miller, Director)
  • Christian Leadership Ministries (Mr. Jim Cook, West Regional Director)
  • Christian Faculty-Staff Fellowship’s Center for Christian Thought and Leadership (Dr. George W. Morgenthaler, Chair), at the University of Colorado at Boulder
  • The Dayspring Center for Christian Studies, web site:

Call for Papers

 In order to accommodate the maximum number of papers and to allow time for discussion, we request that papers (including discussion) be limited to a presentation of approximately forty minutes. Presenters are urged to strive for informal presentations. However, if this cannot be done, we welcome your reading of the paper.

 The deadline for submission of paper abstracts (not more than one page) is June 1, 1997. Notification of acceptance will be mailed by July 1, 1997. Abstracts can be submitted by either email to Jim Cook <> or mailed to Professor Ed L. Miller, Theology Forum, University of Colorado, Campus Box 232, Boulder, CO 80309.

 The conference is designed to be an interdisciplinary conference and we encourage submission of papers from all the humanities, as well as the natural sciences. A large portion of the conference will be aimed at answering the question, what is it to do scholarship from a Christian perspective? It is not a conference of Christian scholars reporting on their current work in the disciplines; rather, it is a conference of Christian scholars reflecting upon what it is to be a Christian and do scholarship from that perspective in their discipline. The conference will especially examine the metaphysical and epistemological foundations of Christian scholarship, asking what specifically are the constituting factors of Christian scholarship and how do they reveal themselves within our work in the particular disciplines.

 Here are some suggested topics:

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