The news of Dolly, the sheep cloned in Britain, and the monkeys that were cloned in the U.S. have created great interest in the subject of cloning. Leadership University already had a number of articles on cloning. Our search engine would provide a number of interesting articles. In order to simplify your research, we have organized these articles into this page.

The Little Lamb That Made a Monkey of Us All
Can Humans be Cloned Like Sheep?
Dr. Ray Bohlin responds to the March '97 announcement that scientists had cloned an adult sheep, from the perspective of a Christian scientist who has done cloning work in the lab himself.

Human Cloning: Have Human Beings Been Cloned?
Raymond Bohlin, Ph.D.
Claims to have cloned human beings are exaggerated. Researchers more correctly achieved artificial twinning of human embryos. True human cloning is still a far-off possibility with many ethical pitfalls.

The Inhuman Use of Human Beings: A Statement on Embryo Research
First Things, January 1995

BioMedical Ethics
In this Monograph Paul Cox will do three things: (1) place biomedical ethics within the more general discipline of ethics; (2) give the reader an idea of how biomedical ethics developed as a separate discipline under the rubric of ethics and; (3) survey some of the current concerns of biomedical ethics and within that survey explicate the central issues involved in each of those concerns.

The World View of "Jurassic Park"
Dr. Ray Bohlin

For Luddite Humanism
First Things, April 1994

Babies and Body Parts
First Things, December 1994

The Public Square: Capitalism and the Kindness that Kills
First Things, January 1995

With Friends Like This . . .
First Things, June/July 1995

Patenting Life: No
First Things, May 1996

Patenting Life: Yes
First Things, May 1996