Recent Changes at Leadership U.

30 October 1996
Two excellent research seminars from The National Institutes of Healthcare Research have been added. Check out The Forgotten Factor in Physical and Mental Health: What Does the Research Show? and The Costly Consequences of Divorce: Assessing the Clinical, Economic, and Public Health Impact of Marital Disruption in the United States.
28 October 1996
There have been many changes to LU in the past months. We've moved our site to our own server. We've changed the URL to We've added more than 800 new resources. Check out the following:
24 April 1996
A crafty Garden reptile, or an eight foot leather instrument wishing it was made of brass? Find out in Doug Yeo's latest article, Tempted By A Serpent.
17 April 1996
The Douglas Yeo Bass Trombonist Page has a new sound. If you have Netscape 2.0 and the Shockwave plug-in (available from installed, check out the sound of Doug playing the opening of "Achieved is the Glorious Work" from Haydn's "The Creation" with orchestra.
16 April 1996
Every family's decision about where their children should attend college is not only one of the most important, it is also one of the most expensive. As part of the Parent and Alumni Center, Leadership University presents Campus Crusade's Guide to Choosing a College. This information is dedicated to assisting families in making a reasonable choice of a school and ways in which they can finance it.
Read articles such as Choosing A College or University and Dr. Ron Nash's Advice for Parents. Send us your Winning Ideas (and some that flop!). Ask us your Questions and help us identify resources to help others.
30 March 1996
Along with the growing acceptance, even welcoming, of euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide, have come increasingly dire warnings about the practice from ethicists and thinkers. The "mercy" offered by euthanasia can only be offered by those who, logically and emotionally, hold to a conception of the human person radically different from that of traditional medicine: the price of accepting euthanasia's "compassion" is denying that humans have any inherent worth apart from their productivity or utility.
To read about the false charity of euthanasia. Read about those who consider Killing As Caring.
20 March 1996
How to Make Tenure (Adobe Acrobat version) is now available through Leadership University's Leadership Institute. A Microsoft PowerPoint version is also available. This material is provided by Dr. Rae Mellichamp, Professor Emeritas of Management Science at the University of Alabama.
8 March 1996
The Douglas Yeo Bass Trombonist Page is now a part of Leadership University's Fine Arts Department. Doug is bass trombonist for the Boston Symphony Orchestra as well as on the faculty of Boston University. You will definitely want to browse through this major resource. Emphasizing a high level of graphical design along with the tremendous quality of Doug's content, this material is a must see for anyone interested in the performing arts or cutting-edge web page design.
7 March 1996
The Surprising Origins of Racism is the topic of Stan Oakes' latest campus fax.
6 March 1996
What better way to minister to busy colleagues who are all under pressure to produce than to offer to help them become more effective. Dr. Joseph (Rae) Mellichamp, professor emeritus of the University of Alabama, created discussion notes for the highly popular book The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People that has proven useful in ministering to colleagues.
He also suggests continuing to minister to colleagues through Patrick Morley's book The Man in the Mirror. Dr. Mellichamp has provided a set of Discussion Notes for this book also.

These and other resources useful for faculty and professionals who desire to minister to others are available in the Christian Leadership Institute.

1 March 1996
Dr. Joseph (Rae) Mellichamp, professor emeritus of the University of Alabama, has created a notebook of strategies he has used over years of ministry. The Christian Professor in the Secular University represents the entire spectrum of ministry opportunities for Christian university and college professors and professional staff.
28 February 1996
One student in Wisconsin asked "What should Christians think about those with a homosexual orientation?" Stan Oakes has respondedencouraging Christians to separate this complex issue into four component parts. Stan is the Director of Christian Leadership Ministries. Stan's article is a response to those concerned about the articles The Gay '90s and Special Class Protections for Self-Alleged Gays.
27 February 1996
Get current news about major happenings on university campuses through the Campus Fax. The Campus Fax is produced every two weeks throughout the school year. Another new addition to Leadership U. is the Campus Alert. The Campus Alert provides more information on major developments on campuses.
26 February 1996
Link to LU! Now it is easy to create a link on our own page to the ResourceBASE at Leadership University. This page tells you how and even gives you an icon to use!
Leadership University offers you the capability to download and print a high quality version of every article. At the end of each article, you'll find the Print icon. You can obtain a camera-ready version of the article to pass to a friend who may not browse the WorldWide Web. We've added an animated icon to draw attention to this important capability.
23 February 1996
What's Happening on Campuses in the United States? now provides links to university ministries of Campus Crusade for Christ. Select a state and see what campuses have ministries. If you know about a campus ministry homepage not listed, let us know using the form provided or send email to
14 February 1996
Speaker and author Phillip Johnson has provided his speaking schedule for 1996. See if the author of Darwin on Trial andReason in the Balance will be in your area. If you haven't yet done so, check out the many articles available on Johnson's homepage.
7 February 1996
The Coliseum has been reorganized. Now you can find information on current issues even easier than before. Explore Sexuality, Origins, or Apologetics from an informed Christian perspective.
5 February 1996
Truth: A Journal of Modern Thought and The International Institute for Mankind sponsored Artificial Intelligence and the Human Mind at Yale University in March, 1986. A report on the conference in AI magazine (the official publication of the American Association for Artificial Intelligence), Fall, 1987, noted "the historic proportions of the debate and the personalities involded" and the fact that the sponsors "had contrived to assemble the biggest scientific guns they could find to support a dualist posiiton and paired them off against the leading exponents of the opposing position."
Truth, Volume 2, contains some of the papers presented at this historic conference. Papers by Professor Daniel N. Robinson, Professor Marvin Minsky, Professor Hans Moravec, Sir John Eccles, Professor Douglas Lenat, Dr. J. R. Lucas and Professor Joseph Mellichamp examine this exciting frontier of modern technology.
29 January 1996
Volume 1 of the Truth Journal is now on-line.
Contained in this volume are messages from Bill Bright, Pope John Paul II, Dr. Billy Graham, Dr. W. Marvin Watson, Ruben Ortega, William N. Garrison, Roy Abraham Varghese, Nobel Laureate Sir John Eccles, Robert Jastrow, Hubert Yockey, William P. Alston, David Martin, Bernard J.F. Lonergan, Edward H. Pauley, James Hitchcock, and much, much more.
15 January 1996
We are in the hunt for great speakers. Maybe you can help us locate some.
What are your favorite books in academic areas? What books have helped you develop in your discipline or in your ministry as a professor? We want to hear from you.
14 January 1996
Are you a college student looking for a ministry to get involved in on campus? Do you know a college student who's looking for a Christian ministry on campus? Student Linc can help!
We have a revised version of Tony Marco's public policy analysis Special Class Protections for Self-Alleged Gays: A Question of "Orientation" and Consequences.

Some of the selected articles from the Table of Contents are:

Check out this powerful public policy analysis.