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Christian Leadership's Academic Integration Page is designed primarily for articles which address the complex relationship of integrating one's Christian faith to the academic disciplines, for discussion of philosophical and theological issues which arise within the Christian faith related to academic integration, for exemplary models of Christian academic integration, and for articles primarily from (but not limited to) a Christian perspective that deal critically with the philosophic and academic credentials of a Christian perspective of the disciplines. See our introductory articles by Dr. Alvin Plantinga and Dr. J.P. Moreland.

Our plans include the following: We will begin with edited submissions from our national conference on Christian Scholarship: Knowledge, Reality, and Method, held October 7-9th, 1997 at the University of Colorado. Other subsequent CLM conferences on academic integration & Christian scholarship will be included within our site on special pages. We will devote some quarterly submissions to particular areas and issues of academic integration (to be announced). Initially we will place all submissions under the general category of academic integration, but as things progress we will begin dividing and subdividing papers according to disciplines. Our goal is to have insightful integration papers in all the disciplines.

Contributors are requested to submit their manuscripts either by email or by manuscript form (with floppy disk). Click on the respective hypertext above for details. All articles should be double spaced including notes. Notes, which are to contain full bibliographic data, where appropriate, should be numbered consecutively and placed at the end. Two clearly legible copies are required if submitting by manuscript form and must include a floppy disk of the file. Contributors should retain copies of their manuscripts for final checking with the published article on the site. Manuscripts not accepted for publication on the web site will be returned if accompanied by sufficient postage. Postings of accepted articles will typically be made on a quarterly basis.

In some cases edited proceedings of Christian Leadership Conferences will be published as a hard copy.

Please contact Jim Cook if you have any questions.